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FAQs & Customer Support


Choosing Your Photo

How will I know if my photo will work?

Can you have multiple subjects in one Perkie Print?

Can you combine two different photos into one Perkie Print?

Can you include the subject's whole body in the finished Perkie Print?

Does the quality of the photo I upload determine the quality of the Perkie Print?

Print Previews

Can I preview my Perkie Print before it ships?

Can I switch to using a different photo if I don't like my print preview?

Will my pet show up in a Perkie Print if they have white fur?

Order Communications

How soon can I expect to hear from you after I place my order?

I placed an order a few days ago and am still waiting on a response. What should I do?

Shipping & Turnaround Times

When will I receive my order?

I need my order ASAP! Are rush orders available?

Where do you ship your products?

Digital Products

If I place an order for a digital file, will it get here faster than a shipped item?

What is a digital file and how does it work?

How large can I print a Perkie Prints digital file?

Placing Your Order

Can I order just the mini add-on items by themselves?

How does the "Return Customer" option work?

I am having technical issues while checking out, please help!

About the Company

How did Perkie Prints get started?

What’s your favorite Perkie Print you’ve ever made?

Are there any plans to open up a brick and mortar Perkie Prints store?

Do you have any new products coming out soon?