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3 Ways to Style a White Tee for Spring

Spring is almost here, and no matter where you live, that means longer days and shorter sleeves! As you switch over to your spring wardrobe, check out these three fresh ways to style your Perkie Prints pocket tee!


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1. Add a cozy layer.

Spring weather can be unpredictably chilly sometimes, but that doesn't mean you have to leave your Perkie Prints pocket tee at home! Throw on a cozy cardigan or fleecy jacket over your tee for some oh-so-lovely layers.


(pic here)

2. Double down on denim!

Is there a look more classic than light denim paired with a white tee shirt? This classic combo is bulletproof, so when in doubt, reach for a denim jacket or your favorite pair of jeans! (Styling your pocket tee with a denim jacket? Try popping on one of our mini buttons for an extra accessory!)


(pic here)

3. To crop or "knot" to crop?

If you don't want to commit to cropping your tee (or just don't feel brave enough to grab the scissors) you can still rock a shortened hemline! Knot your pocket tee at the waist for an instantly tailored twist. Still prefer a true cropped look? Check out our 4 easy tips for achieving the perfect DIY crop every time!

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