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Bri Moysa Gives Perkie Prints a Mention in DIY Magazine

Bri Moysa (@brimoysa), decorator and founder of Emerson Grey Designs, has gained a large following on Instagram because of her clever DIY tricks that transformed a 1,000 sq. ft condo into her family's dream home. We're big fans of Bri's practical approach to clean, modern home design, and we were thrilled to get a shoutout from her in the latest issue of DIY Magazine! A framed portrait we created for Bri was featured as a main focal point in her tour of the playfully modern room she designed for her kids.

"This photo of our beloved dog Chopper came from Perkie Prints, which turns snapshots of pets into modern works of art by blotting out the color and the background."


From the very beginning, Perkie Prints has always hoped to bring something truly special to each of our customers homes. We believe that having a personal connection with the art on your walls can completely transform a home, and we're excited to hear that Bri feels the same way!

"There's nothing wrong with store-bought art, but you can really elevate a gallery with one or two personality-filled pieces."


Bri's decorating mantra is “Small space living can still have big style” and we couldn't agree more! Whether you're trying to spice up a tiny entryway or add personality to a spacious living room, we have a framing option that will look perfect on your walls! 

Interested in redecorating with a Perkie Print but not sure where to start? Check out our favorite gallery wall ideas to gather some home decor inspiration!

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