Shipping to Canada?

It's officially December and the Holidays are coming fast. When placing your order select USPS Priority Mail Express International (3-5 business days) in order to get your package in time! All international orders must be placed before December 7th to get it in time for Christmas.


We understand shipping internationally can be quite pricey, but you can still get your Perkie Print in time for Christmas without the hassle and expense of shipping. Shop our Digital Download to get a digital copy of your print. Once you receive it, you can get it printed locally!

Why We Recommend Ordering Early


Our friends at the Post Office are very busy this time of year. While we work closely with our delivery partners, shipping delays are always a possibility due to the increase in shipments at the Holidays. The best way to avoid stressful shipping delays is to place your order as soon as possible!


Early ordering is also the best way to reserve a place in our limited holiday design queue. During this time of year thousands of Perkie Prints will be created and shipped by a dedicated team of 5 designers and 3 production specialists. We appreciate your patience as our small team works around the clock to create as many Perkie Print gifts as possible without sacrificing our high standards and hand crafted quality.

Jump to the Front of the Design Queue

Please be aware that all rush fees apply to our designer's turnaround time AFTER we have selected the photo for your order. Even with rush orders, we cannot proceed with your order without your direct, written approval of the photo you would like transformed. Once your order is placed, we'll be in touch within 24-48 hours to provide you with your personalized photo review. Rush fees are separate from your shipping speed and do not include shipping prices. They are specifically to speed up the turnaround time to receive your Perkie Print Previews. As soon as we hear from you to confirm your satisfaction with the photo quality, your order will move to the top of our design queue!

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Our Damaged Shipment Policy

While we always pack our shipping boxes carefully, sometimes packages are a little worse for wear post shipment.

Delivering the highest possible quality to you is our top priority and we certainly don't want a broken frame or damaged shipment to spoil a special gift!

If your Perkie Prints package arrives in less than perfect condition, please keep the box and it's contents exactly how you received it and reach out to us at and we will make it right.