Perkie Prints has been a small, hardworking team since the very beginning. Whenever you ask us a question or order a portrait, there is always a real person on the other end ready to give you the one-on-one attention your order deserves! None of our work is automated by computers or produced in factories. Every day, we personally handle all of our communications, design, printing, and packaging.

Why do we go to all this trouble? Because we love what we do and care about making something special for you. Each and every portrait is truly special in its own way, and we hope that our final prints reflect just how much we care about our customers and their little ones.


There is a pause most of us feel right before we ask a question; a hesitation, a gut check, an assurance that we are asking the “right” question to avoid embarrassing ourselves. Jonni walks right past that moment and asks the question anyway. Her hunger to know all the options has created a uniquely unpredictable, meandering path in her life. She never planned to build her own business. It just sort of happened, and she's never looked back since.

Meet Jonni Perkins, the woman whose vision and hard work created Perkie Prints! As a true renaissance woman, she is our original all-in-one designer, printer, framer, packager, HR rep, financial planner, marketer, and truly irreplaceable woman. Thankfully, Jonni and her husband Chris now have the help of a whole team as they run Perkie Prints. When she isn’t working, you can find Jonni, well… working! (Because honestly, is it really work if you love what you do?)


If you’ve ever ordered a Perkie Print, you’ve already met Chris! Whenever you send an email to, Chris is the person who’s ready to help you out! In its earliest days, Perkie Prints was a true family business. As Jonni’s husband, Chris was the first full-time employee to join Jonni in chasing her dream! After working as a personal trainer for several years, Chris left his job to run our communications when Perkie Prints began to really take off. Whether he’s running the printer or running outside, Chris enjoys an active lifestyle walking his dogs, golfing, and working out.

Rue, Hallie, & Miley

Meet the furry faces that started it all! Miley, Rue, and Hallie were the models for the very first Perkie Prints that Jonni ever made. You may recognize Rue (shown center) as our go-to canine model when we show examples of our printed goods! She is an easily distracted snuggle bug who firmly believes that the best time for food is always now. Hallie (shown right) is a sweetheart who enjoys long walks… and even longer naps. As the oldest by 5 years, she patiently tolerates her younger sisters who keep her young. Miley (shown left) might be the smallest by over 50 lbs, but don’t let her size fool you! This tiny chiweenie with a big personality calls all the shots at home. Miley lives for tennis balls and will play fetch for hours with anyone who’s willing to throw the ball. No matter how famous they become, these photogenic sweethearts will always love nothing more than curling up with Jonni and Chris for some family cuddles!


Meet Taylor, our mastermind of marketing and the first ever Perkie Prints customer! With 5 years of public relations, influencer marketing, and social media marketing experience under her belt, Taylor joined the team as our first ever full-time Perkie Prints employee (outside the CEO’s immediate family) in late 2020. Proud dog mom to Kona and Knox, two of the OG Perkie Prints models, Taylor is heading all of our marketing efforts! If you ever want to chat, you can find her in our DM’s or at

Kona & Knox

3 year old Kona (left) and 1 year old Knox (right) were among the first ever models to pose for Perkie Prints! When these boys aren't supervising Taylor's home office, they enjoy long walks and tennis balls.


Meet the woman behind our day-to-day operations at Perkie Prints! As a jack of all trades with a passion for efficiency, Marah is the organizational glue holding our office together. When she isn’t cuddling her cats, Kofi and Crockett, Marah spends her days working to bring your photos to life, from creative design to meticulous printing to the excitement of shipping out your order! On an average day, you can find her nerding out over reorganized folders, lovingly folding tissue paper into boxes, or patiently maintaining our temperamental printers.

Kofi & Crockett

Marah has two handsome boys named Kofi and Crockett. Kofi is a suffocating snuggler while Crockett is more of a wallflower, and their personalities are a constant source of entertainment for everyone they meet. When they aren’t supervising Marah’s home office or performing beautiful, catnip-inspired acrobatics, these boys keep a very busy schedule. An average day for these boys includes Crockett's “teddy time" (in which he carries his teddy bear around the house while crying) as well as Kofi's constant efforts to be under someone's chin at all times.


Creighton is our part-time packager. When he’s not working as a nurse, he spends his days here at Perkie Prints printing and packaging your orders with care. You can usually find him in the back of the office listening to a true crime podcast or winding the office dogs up as often as he can.


Meet Susan, the hardworking marketing momma behind all the Perkie Prints emails in your inbox! After seven years in the marketing industry, Susan traded corporate life for motherhood and has spent the past two years focused on her growing family. When she felt an itch to return to her marketing roots, Susan began working part-time for Perkie Prints in 2019 and has loved her role of running all things email ever since! When she’s not prepping for baby #2 or chasing around her 2-year old daughter, you can find her snuggling her fur-baby, Gizmo. As a self-proclaimed cat lady, Susan enjoys nothing more than reading a good book while Gizmo lounges in the sun beside her. This mama makes her husband and kids top priority, but is so grateful to be able to contribute to the ever growing and supportive family at Perkie Prints.


Susan couldn’t accomplish any of her marketing magic without the supervision of her other child: her fur-baby Gizmo, who is the sassiest ball of fluff you will ever meet! When she isn’t finding new and innovative ways to hide from the toddler, Gizmo spends her days diligently pulling up strands of carpet from the floor.


Just call Corey Oz (aka “the man behind the curtain”) when it comes to advising Perkie Prints on all things business and financial operations. Given his 10 years of experience in e-commerce, his inability to pass a dog without petting them, and the sneaky fact that he happens to also be Jonni's brother, he fits right in among the Perkie Prints family. Corey lives in Baltimore with his girlfriend and two dogs, Beef and Petunia (Tuna), but frequently returns to Columbus, Ohio to visit the company’s canine founders. 

Beef & Petunia (Tuna)

Beef and Petunia (Tuna) are the top dogs at the Perkie Prints Baltimore "office.” As rescue pups, Beef and Tuna have both made themselves right at home with Corey and Amanda. When Beef's not perched in the window taking his self-proclaimed role as neighborhood watchdog *very* seriously, he's picking up the biggest sticks he can find on walks, and trying to get dogs to chase him in the dog park. Tuna spends her time cuddling with her parents, stalking birds and squirrels, and being the protector of her younger brother, Beef.


Meet Poppi, our part-time framing and design assistant with a soft spot for animals and the color pink! Poppi is an illustration major at the Columbus College of Art and Design. She specializes in digital illustration, but also loves to sew and paint in her spare time. Three days a week, Poppi brightens our office with her head-to-toe bubblegum pink wardrobe (and hair!) When she isn’t exploring what the city of Columbus has to offer, she loves playing with her family’s dog Solo and cuddling her roommate’s cat Spoon.

Spoon & Solo

Meet Spoon and Solo, the two most important furry friends in Poppi’s life! Solo is a very large German Shepherd who lives with Poppi’s family. When he isn’t waiting for Poppi to come visit him, this furry back scratch enthusiast enjoys harassing postal workers and stealing food off of countertops. Closer to home, Spoon the cat lives in Poppi’s apartment where she enjoys sitting in cardboard boxes, closely supervising Poppi’s work, and doing anything she can to be the center of attention!


Meet Christine, one of the newest additions to the Perkie Prints team! After spending several years working in the gift wrap industry, Christine enjoys combining her print design experience with her love of pets here at Perkie Prints. An average day in the office for her includes anything from retouching whiskers to printing tote bags to designing business cards! When she isn’t keeping an eye on the antics of her pup Lily, Christine enjoys practicing pottery in her garage, bingeing nature documentaries, and making wood-fired pizza on the weekends (served with a nice craft beer, of course!)


Two-year-old Lily the Shih Tzu frequently accompanies Christine on trips into the Perkie Prints office. When she isn’t being lulled to sleep by the printer or modeling the latest in canine winter fashion, Lily spends most of her time in the office trying to climb into the laps of her human coworkers. On her days off, this pup enjoys chasing golf balls around the yard, napping in the sun, and stubbornly trying to negotiate with her stingy humans for pieces of popcorn.


Meet Aishu, one of the newest additions to the Perkie Prints team! Aishu is currently a student at the Columbus College of Art and Design where she is finishing up her senior year as a graphic design and advertising major. Aishu is a curious, all-around creative who enjoys learning new things and implementing them in her work. She is thrilled to be able to apply her design skills to her love of fur-babies here At Perkie Prints! A normal day in the office for Aishu includes working on prints, tinkering with side projects, and petting her four-legged coworkers. When she isn’t polishing your Perkie Prints to perfection, Aishu enjoys Netflix-binges, food comas, painting, and spending quality time with her pet turtle, Aristurtle.


This is Aristurtle (Like Aristotle, but a turtle!) Aristurtle is Aishu’s philosophical five-year-old semiaquatic African Side-Necked Turtle. He’s a laid-back pescatarian who enjoys the finer things in life, like sitting on his basking platform for hours while pondering his existence. Though he isn’t much of a talker, Aristurtle is a great listener if anybody needs a free therapy session. When he isn’t contemplating the meaning of life, Aristurtle enjoys watching Netflix from his tank, swimming in circles, and munching on his veggies.


An entity unto herself, Karl is our moody but hardworking printer of all fabric goods. She’s somewhat new to the team, but with almost 6 months under her belt she's already printed thousands of products for Perkie Prints! When she isn’t beeping loudly for attention or cranking out prints, Karl enjoys sipping on a fresh ink cartridge and watching the world go by from her window seat in the office.

Behind the Scenes

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