They say every good idea starts with a problem. For Jonni Perkins, Founder & CEO of Perkie Prints, there were a few. The first was the inability to find high-quality, modern custom portraits of her pets that were modern enough to hang in her home. The second was her three pups were not the best in front of strangers...aka photographers. 

The quick fix for Jonni, the girl who can DIY anything (and we mean anything) was simple - she’d make some herself. After a few hours spent daydreaming, the first ever Perkie Prints were born. Jonni found a way to create the studio quality portraits she was looking for, without the hassle or the cost. The joy that came from making these made it a no-brainer for her go-to gift for friends and family that Christmas. After a few posted IG stories (and a LOT of DM's), the Perkie Prints business was born!

Jonni's husband, Chris, left his job behind and began working for the company full time, while Jonni spent all of her free time outside of her demanding 9-5 job working alongside him. Their spare bedroom quickly transformed into an inventory/print shop - a congested situation that motivated the pair daily. Fast forward a year and the couple was ready to take a leap of faith to walk away from a stable work situation and striving to become full-time entrepreneurs. 

Here's where things get interesting: the Covid-19 Pandemic. During a time when most start-ups were being more reserved, Perkie Prints went all in. The company that spent the past year and a half running out of a spare bedroom with only one true full-time employee, wound up bringing on three additional full-time employees, along with a few part-time packers and designers. Plus, started renting out the first ever Perkie Prints headquarters in Columbus, OH where all of the day-to-day operations now take place. And all this during the pandemic.

Needless to say, the past year has been full of unexpected surprises, some great, some not so great. We've been lucky to have such loyal customers who've allowed us to grow in such an extraordinary way, all bound together through the love of our pets. 

Where the Magic Happens


We are a team of 10 people based in Columbus, Ohio. When Perkie Prints finally outgrew our founder's living room in 2020, we set up shop in a small space that was once a storage closet for a local theater. This tiny office full of big ideas is where it all happens!

None of our work is automated by computers or produced in factories. Every day, our small team of 10 personally handles all of our designing, printing, framing, packaging, and shipping (under the close supervision of our furry coworkers!) Whether we're ironing pillowcases, retouching whiskers, or packing boxes, we do it all by hand to make sure your Perkie Print is something truly special.

Our Promise to You

We love what we do and we want you to love your Perkie Print! Our designers are committed to giving each and every one of our customers the personalized service they deserve. From the moment you place your order to the moment you unwrap your purchase, we're here to help!

10 people. More than 10,000 prints.

Meet the people (and animals) working their magic behind the scenes at Perkie Prints!



Behind the Scenes

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