We donate a portion of every purchase to animal charities.

At Perkie Prints, we're on a mission to help as many animals as possible because we believe that every animal deserves to be safe, happy, and loved. That’s why we will always donate a portion of every purchase to animal charities! Perkie's Purpose is the heart of our team's charity outreach, and we're so excited to expand these efforts as our company grows.


Caring is at our core.

Our founder Jonni has always had a lifelong passion for animals and a dream of helping as many pets as possible. The beginning of Perkie Prints was also the beginning of a team of animal lovers with a common goal. Perkie Prints has always had a love of animals at its core, and we won't rest until every animal is safe, happy, and loved.


Donations, sponsorships, and more!

As part of Perkie Prints' ongoing efforts to support animal charities, our team donates its time, talent, and money in multiple ways. In addition to donating a portion of all our everyday purchases to animal charities, we also partner with organizations to host "all charity" days, during which we donate 50% to 100% of a day's profits back to the given charity.

Perkie Prints also partners with D.A.S.H, a local no-kill, volunteer-run organization that rescues and rehomes animals in need. Perkie Prints helps sponsor animals rescued by D.A.S.H. to raise awareness, support adoption, and spread the word about a pet in need of a home!