The Paws That Started It All

They say that every good idea starts with a problem. When our founder and CEO Jonni Perkins redecorated her home, it felt impossible to find stylish, modern home decor that felt truly personal. When she decided to decorate her home with portraits of her three pups, she found herself with a second problem: the thought of wrangling three rambunctious pups in front of a photographer was not only daunting, but also expensive!

Being a creative DIYer, Jonni decided to solve both of these problems by creating her own photo portraits of her pups. After hours of daydreaming, designing, and tinkering, she discovered a way to acheive the look of a high-quality studio portrait without any of the hassle or cost of professional photography!

Growing Against The Odds

Everyone who saw Jonni's pet portraits immediately wanted one, and it wasn't long before a whirlwind of gifts, comissions, and Instagram stories set a small business in motion! Operating out of a single spare bedroom stuffed with printing equipment, Jonni and her husband Chris worked though weekends, coffee breaks, and late nights to build Perkie Prints from the ground up.

In 2020 the pair took a leap of faith, leaving their day jobs to make Perkie Prints their full time jobs. In a chaotic year when many small businesses struggled to get by, Perkie Prints expanded against all odds, growing from a couple's side hustle into a thriving company. What began as a single woman making gifts for friends has grown into a team of 10 passionate designers in a brick-and-mortar studio.

Our Mission

Through all of Perkie Prints' ups and downs, we've been so lucky to have such wonderful customers who have allowed us to grow in ways we never dreamed of! Bound together by a love for animals and a passion for design, our team is constantly working to bring our customers new and exciting ways to gift thoughtfully, live stylishly, and decorate meaningfully.

As our company continues to grow, we are thrilled to be able to donate a portion of every order to local animal charities!

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