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NEW! Mini Iron-On Fabric Transfer (Add On)
NEW! Mini Iron-On Fabric Transfer (Add On)
NEW! Mini Iron-On Fabric Transfer (Add On)

NEW! Mini Iron-On Fabric Transfer (Add On)

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DIY with our iron-on, fabric prints. Great for your shirt pockets, hats, ect. ; these personalized pieces are a guaranteed conversation starter.*


  • A set of 6 (six) identical, custom Perkie Prints Iron-on transfers are shipped to you. (extras are for if you are feeling crafty and want to try on different items.  Or, as backups - we are all human and make mistakes!)
  • Included our logo iron-on as tester to help avoid mess-ups
  • Transfers will be sized to fit in a ~ 2.5 - 3in x 2.5 x 3in square. 

Pictures are examples of potential end use and items are not included with purchase.   

*This is an Add-on option, with special Add-on pricing. Add-ons will be the same image/Perkie Print from your full Price order, and cannot be a new image/Perkie Print. Minumum $34.99 purchase required.

What You Need: 

  1. 100% cotton or cotton/poly blend, white or light colored fabric only. Prints do not show up on dark fabrics
  2. Smooth, heat resistant area, such as wood. Don't use on ironing board, granite, glass, concrete, or other heat-retaining or heat sensitive surfaces
  3. Household iron. Do not use steam in the iron, it will ruin the transfer
  4. Piece of cotton fabric to place on heat resistant surface

*Results may vary based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to: fabric, ironing equipment and temperatures, and wash methods. Please use extreme caution when dealing with hot appliances and surfaces. Read all instructions before starting your project.