Pet of the Month Winners

Get to know some fun facts behind your favorite pets.

  • Watson - Pet of the Month

    In true Pomeranian style, Watson was the sweetest, sassiest, funniest pup! He was rescued from an overcrowded backyard breeder in South Korea, and experienced a myriad of health issues. But, his best life truly began when he flew to his forever home with Mama and a crew of fur siblings. He had a true zest for life and is known for his constant happy smile, his excited acrobatic twirls, his hilarious zoomies across the lawn, his battles with the garden hose, 'helping' his Mom work, always having something to say, and especially for his epic Mama-snuggles that are missed so much.

  • Snowball

    Snowball is 4 years old and weighs 17.5 pounds. He is definitely a talker, meowing all day long, and loves to go outside to get messy even though he’s a pretty kitty. He has a dog brother, and if he wants a fight, Snowball is more than capable of kicking some puppy butt. He’s in love with stealing socks and baby doll clothes while his people sleep, and will hide them all over the house!

  • Todd & Bodhi

    Bodhi works as a nanny dog with his human, and loves children almost as much as he loves being off leash. On the other hand, Todd is a grumpy cutie who prefers to nap and enjoys going after people’s feet. Despite their differences, they are both the best boys!

  • Jamboree

    Jamboree is a sweet, shy, very silly rescue pup living with his human in New York City, where he visits Central Park almost every day. When he first arrived at the shelter, they nicknamed him "Wheelie" since he wasn't walking and thought he would need a wheelchair. But after he settled in, his gait returned to normal and now Jamboree jumps like he's on springs, earning him the nickname "Jumping Jam Man". With ears like his, it's surprising he doesn't take flight!

  • Summit

    Summit is an avid lover of the outdoors; whether snow, rain or shine, he simply loves getting some fresh air!  His favorite food is cheese, and adores soaking up all the attention he can get from his people. His toy of choice is a large Lamb Chop doll!

  • Ali - Pet of the Month

    Ali aka "Fatboy" was truly a one of a kind pup. Those who knew him described him as thoughtful, sweet and kind, and the most human-like dog they'd ever known. He loved his home cooked meals, butt rubs and giving kisses and hugs. Oliver and Halo, Ali's siblings, are lucky to have had him as the best brother for 10 years.

  • Cooper

    Cooper is the happiest pup who loves the simple things like tennis balls, chasing squirrels and the beach. His best friend is his big brother Duke, and the two are inseparable. The two will be in for a whole new adventure when their human brother arrives this month!

  • Aisla

    Aisla is the happiest almost 9 month old Mini Golden Doodle who loves everyone and everything. She’s super smart, and has a sweet (and extra sassy) personality. She’s can also be very mischievous, knowing full well how to work her puppy eyes!

  • Cooper & Kona

    Cooper and Kona are a very special duo of inseparable siblings who adored each other so much. After the sudden lost of Cooper in August to cancer, Kona was diagnosed as well a few short months later. She’s been a warrior on her cancer fighting journey, and it brings comfort knowing her rainbow brother Cooper is cheering her on and looking out for her every step of the way. A true rainbow bond.

  • Simon

    Meet Simon, the suave indoor cat with a humble barn cat background. He's all about the cozy life now, keeping well groomed and enjoying sunbathing on the patio while keeping an eye on those chirpy birds. Simon's playful at heart, whether he's chasing ribbons or jumping out from behind the curtains in a game of peekaboo. As he approaches his milestone tenth birthday, Simon's still got that kitten-like energy and zest for life. But when it's time to wind down, nothing beats a snug cuddle session with his favorite humans

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  • Louis - Pet of the Month

    Meet Louis, the charming 1.5-year-old who captivates hearts wherever he goes, a true show-stealer with an irresistibly playful spirit. A connoisseur of car rides and sunny errands, Louis balances his zest for life with cozy snuggles, embodying the best of both worlds. With a balloon as his unique favorite toy, his joyful antics remind us to find happiness in the simplest pleasures. Unlike most of us, his preferred treats are fruits and veggies—making us wish our snack preferences were as noble as his! Louis's delightful combination of playfulness, snuggle time, and healthy cravings make every day brighter and full of laughter.

  • Sky

    Sky, a stunning half Bengal, half Maine Coon, recently turned 5, and is roughly 5 times bigger than in the portrait of him as a kitten! Preferring simple pleasures like sticks and strings over an abundance of toys. Sky loves exploring outdoors despite being an indoor cat. Despite his size, he amusingly squeezes into the smallest nooks, especially empty Amazon boxes, and maintains his adorable sleeping pose, a gentle giant with a heart full of youth.

  • Riley

    Riley is a soon-to-be 4 year old golden retriever who lives life to the fullest. Always smiling, always happy, and always full of energy! He’s never met a stick, ball, or stuffy he didn’t like. When he’s not cuddled up to his big brother Tucker, you’ll find him by one of his pawrent’s sides. He’s loyal, loving, cuddly, curious, and of course, charming! A true master of the puppy dog eyes.

  • Lemmy & Ozzy

    Lemmy and Ozzy are the epitome of brotherly love, inseparable since birth and now seven years into their lifelong adventure as Libra littermates. Their mornings are filled with the joy of solving treat puzzles, followed by leisurely afternoon walks and sunbathing sessions that capture their essence of tranquility and curiosity—Ozzy with his insatiable appetite for both food and exploration, and Lemmy, maintaining his cool composure through it all. As the sun sets, these two besties know it's time to curl up, always in bed at 7pm on the dot.

  • Barney

    Barney, the 14-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog, stood out as the cuddliest in his litter, irresistibly drawing attention with his heart-shaped nose. His affinity for the cold is unmistakable, delighting in splooting on fresh snow, where he finds his happiest moments. Barney's playful nature shines as he hops through the snow for hours, often reluctant to head back inside, cleverly employing his puppy dog eyes to secure more morning cuddle time. Currently a charming little pup, Barney is on a path to becoming a gentle giant, foreshadowing a future filled with joyful snow-filled adventures and deep bonds.

  • Hank

    Hank, an 11-year-old rescue mix of Lab and Rhodesian Ridgeback, is the chill buddy everyone loves. He's all about soaking up the sun, enjoying leisurely walks, and, let's be honest, he's always on the lookout for a treat or some extra love. Hank's go-to party trick? "Stick 'em up" – where he throws both paws in the air like he just doesn't care. And don't let his size fool you; this guy is a loyal guardian through and through, always keeping a watchful eye on his new human brother.

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  • Stella - Pet of the Month

    Meet Stella, the spirited Yorkie with an indomitable spirit. Despite her petite stature, Stella ruled the roost with sass and intelligence, captivating the hearts of all who knew her. Stella has recently crossed the rainbow bridge, but her memory continues to shine brightly, forever cherished and remembered by those who love her.

  • Tyson

    Meet Tyson, the beloved Boxer/Chow Chow mix that loved soaking in the ocean breeze at Horseneck beach or frolicking at the local baseball field. Instead of fetch, he preferred to play keep away with a stick or frisbee so you'd have to chase after him! His distinct blue spotted tongue and black brindle in his coat make him instantly recognizable and people often said he looked like Scooby Doo.

  • Notte & Calla

    Our inseparable duo, Notte & Calla are actually from the same litter! Notte is double jointed and can't help but do a full split when he sits. He also has an underbite that becomes a most charismatic grin when he sees food. Calla is the best at giving paw and reaches up as soon as she sees a treat!

  • Column

    Bear, a distinguished 9-year-old rescue, is a unique blend of Black Mouth Cur and Rhodesian Ridgeback. His spirit thrives in the open air, basking in the glory of the great outdoors. Long walks and people watching at the park are his favorite pastimes. His love of exploration and adventure makes him an unparalleled road trip companion - he revels in the thrill of the open road from a window rolled down. What truly sets Bear apart is his unwavering loyalty to his best friend, Jenny. He is her shadow, her steadfast protector, and her constant companion, always by her side.

  • Zoey

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