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We are so excited to turn create your custom Perkie Print. Together, with you and your photos, we create a timeless piece that can forever tell your story!
  1. Scroll through your photos and pick a few favorites of your animals or loved ones.

     See IMAGE GUIDELINES below, for help on how to choose the best photo. 

  1. Choose the Perkie product(s) you want
  2. Submit your photo(s), and complete your order.** 

     Why are there three spaces to upload photos? CLICK HERE. 

  1. We will contact you via email to work together and pick the perfect photo for each print.*
  2. We email you the completed Perkie Print preview, to get your final sign off.
  3. We print, package, and ship it out!

*Please make sure you enter the CORRECT and ACTIVE EMAIL. If you don't receive an email from us within a few days of placing your order, please CHECK YOUR SPAM folder!  Although you submit photos via the website, if the photo quality does not meet our standards, we need an email confirmation from you to proceed with creating your Perkie Print. If we do not receive a response from you via email, we send email reminders, but ultimately will cancel the order if we do not hear back from you. 



  1. Zoom in to the face of the subject on your phone. If it gets fuzzy when you zoom, we will ask for better photos. We work directly from your photos, so if the photo is fuzzy, the Perkie Print would be fuzzy too, and we don't want that. <3

Please double check and see if any of the below apply, as this might be the reason they are so fuzzy:

- if it is a screenshot of a photo. Taking a screenshot on your phone makes it a very low quality photo to take up less space on your phone.

- if it is the filtered version of the photo that IG automatically saves to your photos. We would need the original unedited version of that photo.

- if it is saved from any social media source, it will be very low quality

- if it was sent at anything other than "actual size" when emailing photos from your phone. 

  1. Since we work directly from your photo, make sure your pet looks exactly as you want it to look in the photo, as you do the Perkie Print. Please make sure the fur color is true to life and that you are overall happy with how your (fur)baby looks in the photo. We have a comments section on the landing page after you checkout where you can drop us your call outs for changes you might want us to make. We do adhere to these call outs as best we can,  but cannot guarantee them. In most cases, we can get rid of eye boogers, red eye, ect. But, we cannot add quality or features missing from the original photo, into the Perkie Print. (i.e.- we cannot make the eyes open, if they are closed. ) 
  2. Make sure the photo has good lighting. If there is a weird shadow on your animal, that shadow will also be a part of the final Perkie Print.
  3.  We can work with photos taken from above the animal, so long as the neck is also in the photo. If there is no neck in the photo, the head would appear as if it was floating in the final Perkie Print. 
  4. If any of the pets features are cut off in the photo, they will be cut off in the final Perkie Print. 
  5. If the pet has its head resting on anything, we will have to keep a portion of what the head is laying on in the final Perkie Print. (i.e. the floor, a pillow, a hand, ect.) 
  6. If the pet is wearing any accessories or outfits, those items will also have to be in the final Perkie Print. In some cases, we are able to get rid of things that take up a very small portion, but cannot guarantee it. 
  7. Note that all examples you see on our site, and social media, are made from high quality photos. It is our responsibility to make call outs about any photo that does not meet our standards. If we receive your authorization to proceed with a photo that we gave you callouts for, we will try our best to create a high quality print, but cannot guarantee your results will match those shown on our pages. Once we have created the print and sent you the print preview, we cannot offer a refund and it would be an additional charge to create a new print from a new photo. We are here for you, and will never complain to take the extra time to sort through more cute photos of your babies. It is a win, win. :) 

Still not sure you have the right photo? Don't sweat it. Place your order with your fave photo, and relax! We reach out to each and every customer with feedback on the photos. If they are perfect, we will give you a delivery window, and get our talented team started on your order as soon as possible. If the photo(s) submitted do not meet our standards, we reach out and work with you until we find one that does!