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January 2024 Pet of the Month


Meet Stella, the spirited Yorkie with an indomitable spirit. Despite her petite stature, Stella ruled the roost with sass and intelligence, captivating the hearts of all who knew her. Stella has recently crossed the rainbow bridge, but her memory continues to shine brightly, forever cherished and remembered by those who love her.

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  • Sun's Out, Tongue's Out


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    Notte & Calla

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Sun's Out, Tongue's Out


Meet Tyson, the beloved Boxer/Chow Chow mix that loved soaking in the ocean breeze at Horseneck beach or frolicking at the local baseball field. Instead of fetch, he preferred to play keep away with a stick or frisbee so you'd have to chase after him! His distinct blue spotted tongue and black brindle in his coat make him instantly recognizable and people often said he looked like Scooby Doo.

Best Buddies

Notte & Calla

Our inseparable duo, Notte & Calla are actually from the same litter! Notte is double jointed and can't help but do a full split when he sits. He also has an underbite that becomes a most charismatic grin when he sees food. Calla is the best at giving paw and reaches up as soon as she sees a treat!

Most Distinguished


Bear, a distinguished 9-year-old rescue, is a unique blend of Black Mouth Cur and Rhodesian Ridgeback. His spirit thrives in the open air, basking in the glory of the great outdoors. Long walks and people watching at the park are his favorite pastimes. His love of exploration and adventure makes him an unparalleled road trip companion - he revels in the thrill of the open road from a window rolled down. What truly sets Bear apart is his unwavering loyalty to his best friend, Jenny. He is her shadow, her steadfast protector, and her constant companion, always by her side.

Best Accessory


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