We can work with most photos, but the better your photo is, the better your finished Perkie Print will be! Check out our tips below for uploading an image that's perfect for our process.

We reach out to every single customer to help you pick the perfect image, so go ahead and place your order with your favorite photo! If the photo you upload is already perfect, we'll give you confirmation and a delivery window. If your photo doesn't quite meet our standards, we'll work with you until we find one that does!

Close up, in-focus photos are best.

This is the most important part! Avoid using photos that are blurry or taken from far away. If the subject of the photo is too small or out of focus, your Perkie Print will turn out blurry.

Make sure you like the pose!

We work directly from your photo, so be sure to pick a photo where the subject looks exactly how you want them to look in your final Perkie Print. If the subject of the photo has closed eyes, messy hair, large accessories, or a tongue sticking out, those things will be included in the final portrait.

Try to use a photo with good lighting.

Make sure the photo has good lighting so we can get as much detail as possible! (Natural lighting is ideal.) Be aware that if there's a harsh shadow in your photo, that shadow will also be a part of the final Perkie Print.

Include part of the subject's upper body.

We can work with photos taken from above, as long as the subject's neck is in the photo. If there is no neck in the photo, their head will look like it's floating in the final Perkie Print.

What if I can't find a good photo?

We understand that sometimes it just isn't possible to get a perfect, high-res photo. Whether you're planning to surprise someone with a gift or trying to get a portrait of a pet who has passed away, rest assured that we'll find a way to work with whatever photo you have! Even though high-res images make the best Perkie Prints, we can still transform less-than-ideal photos into lovely portraits.




See for yourself!

Browse our gallery of before and after images to see real Perkie Prints of pets, kids, and more!




We're Here to Help!

From the moment you place your order, our team of designers is there for you to make sure that you’re completely happy with your final portrait. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at hello@perkieprints.com