What is a Perkie Print Pet Portrait?

When you order a New Perkie Print Pet Portrait, you are hiring your own dedicated artist! We believe that pet portraiture deserves an approach that honors the connection we have to our pets. We merge traditional artistic skills with digital tools (and some secret techniques 🪄) to create exceptional portraits. Because your pet is already perfect, just the way they are.

Accurate Likeness

Our top priority is to ensure the final piece reflects the true characteristics that make your pet, yours.

We never use filters or stylization because believe in celebrating your pet just the way they are.

Stunning Hair

Your artist will hand draw each hair to achieve a natural and realistic look. Investing the time it takes to create natural looking hair is a level of dedication to the quality of your piece you won't find anywhere else and artificial intelligence just can't do.

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Natural Composition

Say goodbye to the struggle of getting everyone to sit still for the same picture! We specialize in weaving individual pet images into a single, harmonious portrait as if they were actually next to each other.

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Lighting Correction

It may look easy, but it's much more than meets the eye. Some lighting corrections require our artists to actually paint light and shadows back in!

Detail Preservation

Our artists strategically choose which adjustments enhance your photo without sacrificing detail.

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