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🙈 The actual stars of the show are waiting to be discovered. The categories and pets shown below are examples to show how your pet will be featured!

Pet of the Month Spotlight

January 2024 Finalists

Explore the array of adorable pet portraits we’re highlighting from our customers this January! It's time cast your vote for the pet that steals your heart. Discover the cuteness, charm, and individuality captured in each portrait.

Thank you to all our finalists and good luck!

  • Bob & Ivan

  • Shadow & Bunny

  • Fredo & Carol

  • Your Pets

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  • Bradley

  • Muffin

  • Charley

  • Your Pet

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  • Kate

  • Vernon

  • Parsley

  • Your Pet

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  • Kelly

  • Susan

  • Skipper

  • Your Pet

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