Photo Submission Guidelines

How to Select a Fabulous Photo from Your Phone

We've had a lot of practice looking at all kinds of pet photos and here are the top tips we've learned over the past 5 years!

✨ TIP: Considering taking a new photo instead? Learn how to capture the perfect shot!

Pinch to Zoom In!

Get Up Close and Personal

To get the best clarity and sharpest details, look for a photo that still looks crisp and clear after you've zoomed in on your pet's face.

Head, Shoulders, Eyes, and Ears!

Composition Checklist

The best photos have these four body parts present and accounted for!

Is The Light Right?

Correct Lighting

We recommend photos with soft & diffused lighting. It is the most flattering and really showcases defining features.

Having Trouble Deciding on a Photo? Skip the upload!

We know it can be harder than it sounds to choose "the one". No worries, go ahead and provide your pet's name and continue to checkout! Our photo selection specialist will reach out via the email provided at checkout to help you choose.