New Sweatshirt Colors Coming Soon

New Sweatshirt Colors Coming Soon

Behind the Scenes: Crafting Perfection for Our New Sweatshirt Styles

At Perkie Prints, we're not just about celebrating your bond with your pets; we're about doing it in style – and quality. As we gear up to introduce some exciting new colorways and styles to our beloved sweatshirt collection, we want to give you a glimpse into the meticulous process that ensures we bring you nothing but the best.

A Labor of Love and Quality

For the past several months, our team has been immersed in a journey of creativity and rigorous testing to ensure that our new offerings not only look fantastic but stand up to the demands of your daily life. Here's what we've been up to:

  • Selecting the Finest Fabrics: We’ve scoured suppliers to find high-quality sweatshirts that are not only soft and comfortable but also durable. Our sweatshirts are meant to be loved and lived in, even after countless washes.
  • Perfecting the Print: We know that the print of your pet is the heart of each sweatshirt. We've refined our printing techniques to ensure the images are sharp, vibrant, and lasting. Each piece is a vibrant homage to your furry friend.
  • Wash Testing: Nobody likes a garment that only looks good until the first wash. Our new sweatshirts have undergone multiple wash tests to ensure that they retain their shape, color, and feel.
  • Wear Testing: Real pets, real people, real life—our wear tests involve real-world scenarios to guarantee that our sweatshirts can keep up with you and your pet, whether you're on a cozy couch or out on an adventure.

    Almost Time to Reveal

    Stay tuned for the big reveal. We’re confident that you’ll love the new additions as much as we do. After all, they were made with you and your pet in mind, crafted to enhance your moments together with style, comfort, and durability.


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