New For You in 2024 - A Sneak Peek Into What We're Working On

New For You in 2024 - A Sneak Peek Into What We're Working On

New For You In 2024

We have some exciting plans for 2024, and we can’t wait to share them with you! Here's a sneak peek into some of the things we're working on. 

Innovating & Improving Our Artwork 🎨

Our Art Manager, John, is always working to improve Our Artistic Process to get the most out of your photos! He's working on some new techniques to have your pets looking their best!

Better Service 🌟

Expanding Our Team - This year, we've hired more team members on our art, care, and production teams to give you more individualized attention.

Text Communication - We are working on a new system that allows you to choose your preferred communication method! No more getting stuck in spam! 🎉

Faster Turnaround - When you need a gift, you need it fast! We are reviewing our systems to reduce turnaround times to better meet your needs!

Expand Our Charity Impact 🤝

In addition to our ongoing commitment to contribute financially to our partners at Wags & Walks, we want to increase awareness about their work, and volunteer some of our team hours to support their mission.

Offer Apparel In COLOR 🌈

Many of our customers have asked "Do you carry apparel in colors other than white?" This year we are making it our goal to offer a range of options to offer you more versatility. Stay tuned for updates!

More Local Events! 🎉

We love getting to meet our community in person so we are filling up our calendar with events like the Seventh Son Flea, Pet Expo, and more small business partnerships!

Give You Rewards 

We want your shopping experience with us to be easy, convenient, and rewarding! We're working on a rewards program where you can earn points, gifts, and discounts so you can get more out of your purchase.

Support Brand Ambassadors 🤩

If you've had a fantastic time with us, we hope you'll join our new brand ambassador family! Whether you're casually chatting with loved ones over a cup of coffee or reaching out to thousands of followers, every genuine review means the world to us. We're crafting a special program designed to reward you for sharing the love. Your support is not only valued but also deserves to be celebrated, and we can't wait to make being a brand ambassador an experience that truly benefits you!

This program is not out yet, but we'll be in touch soon with more details!

And That's Just the Beginning...

This is just a snapshot of the million ideas we believe enrich and improve your experience with us. Every conversation we have with our customers is a learning opportunity and we don't waste it! We have notebooks, Monday boards, Google Docs, post-its, and action plans that detail all the things we hear from our customers. Your input shapes our daily decisions and we're excited to bring you an even better experience in the days ahead!

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